Towneley Hall Society formed. The first newsletter in June 1965 claimed membership was over 200.  The first project was to fund the creation of a Bird Sanctuary in the woods behind the hall. Also sponsored a “Saturday Club” to interest local children in wild life.
In January 1966, the Society proposed to convert the Old Brew House into a Local Craft Museum and funded the building’s renovation.
Craft Museum opened in April 1971.
The Towneley Junior Naturalists, initially sponsored by the society, created the Towneley Park Nature Trail & the Woodland Trail Centre, later to
become the Natural History centre.
The society provided funds to restore the ice-house in the Towneley grounds.
Curator, Hubert Rigg, began collecting period furniture for the Regency Rooms and the society started a “Regency Room Fund” with a collecting box for donations from the public. The first gift from the society for the
Regency Rooms was a Regency Cut Glass Bowl and cover, valued at £350 (this purchase had attracted a 50% grant from the V & A).  The Regency Room fund would occupy the society’s committee for a further 25years!
In October 1985, the society commemorated its 20th Anniversary by
donating “Evening Sunlight Italy” by Noel H Leaver to the Art collection.
A major contribution to the permanent Regency Room collection was made by the society’s purchase of a harp, chair and music stand at a cost of £6087 (50% grant from V & A)
Also in 1986, the society gifted the watercolour “Pendle from Rock Glen” by James Taylor.
Society gifted watercolours “Beneath the Arch of Severus” by Hugh Gresty and “Worsthorne Parish Church” by Noel H leaver.
Society contributed to the cost of the oil painting “Distant View of
Clitheroe” by Mathias Read.
1990The 25th Anniversary of the Society was celebrated with an Anniversary Dinner on October 18th 1990. The society continued to make numerous
donations to the Natural History Centre and the Craft Museum.
Society gifted watercolour “In Old Tunis” by Noel H Leaver.
Money also went to provide new showcases and beech spindle back chairs for amenity use.1997
Society gifted watercolour “Via Dolorosa Jerusalem” by Noel H Leaver.
As a contribution towards the Millennium celebrations, the society purchased a flag for Towneley Hall bearing the Towneley Coat of Arms.
The Society provided funds for : Art Competition prizes; communication
System; showcase and furniture for Natural History Centre; Slate for
The Society provided funds for : Tuning piano; Pendelfin figures; Towneley sundial; natural history books and a watercolour “Near Ye Lower Barn at Towneley” by unknown artist.
A contribution of £2000 was made towards the purchase of an oak chest decorated with a variety of inlaid woods.
The society provided funds for : Colour cameras; barriers for art gallery; dishwasher and trolley; Towneley flag; fireproof curtains, conservation of a watercolour and a £5300 donation towards development.
The Ashcroft legacy contributed £45,000 towards the Hall Extension.
The Society contributed £2000 towards the pastel of John Towneley by Jean-Baptiste Perronneau (The National Art Collection Fund, The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Museums, Libraries & Archives Council, The V & A Purchase Grant Fund & Edward Stocks Massey bequest also contributed)
The society also funded a mahogany chest of drawers by L. Collinge, a
heritage plaque, new crockery for events and tuning the piano.
The Society provided funds for : Architectural History Book; Cabinet by Thomas Nuttall and clock dial engraving for the reconstruction of Richard Towneley’s Greenwich clock.
The society provided various items towards hospitality : chairs, tables etc.
The Society purchased the watercolour “The Cavalry Camp near Kadari with General Scarlett & his Staff” by William Simpson.
Hospitality items : Dishwasher; Highchair; Glasses; drinks measures were provided—also 2 Wheelchairs, frames and mounts and a new Towneley flag!
A donation of £2000 was made to the Natural History Gallery.